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The 80/20 Principle

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I’ve always dreamed of running a mile in less than 5 minutes. I have always been a fast runner (one standard deviation above the mean). I can remember in high school, whenever we would have the mile run for fitness tests, I always did pretty well. I think my …

What Clash of Clans Taught Me About Productivity

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For those who never played Clash of Clans (good for you!), it's a game where you have to open their app every 4 hours in order to upgrade your village and raid someone else's village. Your village produces resources, and you use these resources (and the resources you plunder from …

No More Image Friction

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procrastination psychology

I get it. Images are nice to look at. But the problem is that I'm not a full time blogger. I'm a full time student. When blogging is your side hustle and there are no due dates, it's easy to find excuses to procstinate. That's why I'm no longer putting …

My Research in 4 minutes!

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I'm researching fiber optic gyroscopes. I just put together a non-techincal description video and uploaded it to youtube. Here's the link:

Airplane Intentionality

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networking travel

Airplanes are a tricky thing. You're boxed up with a bunch of other people, most of whom are really interesting but travel protocol makes it hard to get to talking with someone you don't know.

I've gone back and forth for several years now on how intentional to be while …

Vote for Yourself

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When November rolled around in 2012, I was a politically ambivalent sophomore at Andrews University. I grew up in Wisconsin, but was studying in Michigan, and the hassle of registering to vote seemed like too much work to spend an hour or two on election day casting a single vote …

How to Submit a Fellowship Application in 48 hours

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This afternoon, I submitted an a fellowship application to the National Science Foundation (NSF). I'm extremely blessed to have a PI with enough research funding to not have to worry about funding for the rest of my Ph.D. at Stanford. However, the funding source is not infinite, and paying …

'Twas the Night Before Stanford

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'Twas the night before Stanford I did hardly believe
The events that transpired that led to that eve.

My laptop was nestled quite snug in my pack
Contented to live near the birthplace of Mac

When all of a sudden there arose a vibration
I unlocked my phone for the …

The Day of Reconciliation

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I discovered rewards credit cards almost two years ago. In case you haven't heard of them, they're these nifty little pieces of plastic, where if you use them to spend money, they'll give some of the money that you've spent back to you.

Usually this money is on the order …

Contributing to Open Source

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A friend texted me a few months ago saying that he was officially an open source contributor. He explained that he had found a bug with some software that he was using, and was able to find the error in the source code. He made some modifications, committed the changes …

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