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Should Membership Transfer Votes Be Unanimous

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Recently, I was asked by at least two Adventist members whether the vote on a membership transfer needs to be unanimous. The 2015 version of the SDA church manual does not say anything about a unanimous vote in the section where it describes membership transfers, but on page 65, it …

Young People, Go to Board Meeting

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I'm hearing it on both sides of the aisle. Old people are complaining that young people aren't getting involved. Young people are complaining that they're not being given a chance at leadership. And young people are leaving the church in droves.[citation needed]

My solution: get all of your young …

Nine Reasons to Stop Gaming

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It's 9:36 on a Thursday evening, and I've just destroyed my save file for the Kittens game, and uninstalled Pokemon Go.

If there's one addiction that Jonathan has yet to overcome, it's an addiction for video games, especially idle games. Here's how it goes:

  1. Jonathan is interested in how …

Basketball and Urgency

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This morning, I received a marketing email from Asian Efficiency. In it, the author wrote three harrowing facts:

  1. Half of all heart attacks have no symptoms.
  2. Some tumors don't cause symptoms until it's too late.
  3. Some cancers kill within weeks of their discovery.

With these morbid health facts in mind …

The Spy's Prayer

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Last night, I had a dream that I was a spy in Soviet Russia during the later years of the Cold War. I think I was having this dream because I had watched a special feature about an ex-spy at O'Hare while waiting for my flight to San Jose this …