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How to Stay Awake During Your Devotions

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prayer sleep exercise

I believe that your daily devotions are the single most important thing you can do for your spiritual health and your long-term productivity. Since it is the single most important thing, it should come first in your day, before you work or thing about anything else.

With that said, I …

Using a Raspberry Pi for Instrumentation — Software (Part 3)

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I'm kind of writing this blog as I'm going along, so this is going to be the ugly blog post where I put all of my notes when I set up the software.

  1. Connect to the WiFi
  2. Set up localization settings (time zone will be important, since my research requires …

Using a Raspberry Pi for Instrumentation — Hardware (Part 2)

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Let's talk hardware. What are you going to need to do all of this?

  1. About $40 for a Raspberry Pi. I'm gonna use the most up-to-date model available which is the Raspberry Pi 3B+. It's available on Amazon for $40.
  2. A high-performance SD card (~$10). This is the hard drive …

Using a Raspberry Pi for Instrumentation — Overview (Part 1)

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Different people buy different computers for different purposes. Some computers have a lot of processing power for running games or intense simulations. Other people are happy to have an iPad for occasional reading or working on documents on-the-go.

Over the last couple years in grad school, the computer that I've …

Top Productivity Apps for 2018

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Here are the apps that I recommended the most globally in 2018. There are other apps that I used all the time (like SublimeText, iTerm, Overcast, Tweetbot, Dash, and GitKraken, Alfred, and Bartender), but most of those apps do tasks that not every user needs (i.e. not everyone codes …

Ten Places to Write Stuff Down

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It's June 20. That means that 2018 is 46.8% history. Where has it gone?

I find that if I am not careful, then time (and everything that I do with it) evaporates and vanishes. One of the best ways I know to combat this is to write.

We actually …

Making Beautiful Schematics with TikZ

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howto code latex systems

I have always been a fan of using LaTeX for all of my writeups. LaTeX has a fantastic graphical library called TikZ that I use to generate nearly all of my graphics. It has quite a steep learning curve, but once you get going, you can define all of your …

How to Write Beautiful Code Documentation

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howto code python

Writing code documentation is really important. More than anything else, documenting your code pushes you to use best practices, and organize your code in a logical way.

After a year of writing Python code for a living [1], I'm writing to share the documentation process that works best for me …

Submitting Jobs to the Stanford Cluster via SLURM

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howto code python servers systems

I do a lot of coding at Stanford on my laptop. It's a wonderful machine, but it simply cannot handle huge amounts of number-crunching. Most research organizations provide computing clusters fully equipped with state-of-the-art software in order to help out folks like me.

Clusters are helpful not only when you …

Setting Up Anaconda for Scientific Python

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howto code python

Python is great. Not only is it relatively easy to learn, but it is extremely robust when it comes to gathering, processing, and plotting data, thanks to free open-source libraries like numpy, matplotlib, and pandas. The power that you get from using Python is comparable to other software solutions, such …

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