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Rich Man and Lazarus - Egyption allusion in Luke 16

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rich man and lazarus

Someone from Serbia was reading my blog, and sent me an email with some additional sources that I wasn't able to find when I originally did the study. I had read on some forums that Luke 16 had allusions to an Egyptian text, but I was never able to find …

Directness in Mark

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When Mark wrote his gospel, he used the Greek words "ευθεως" (directly) and "ευθυς" (direct) very frequently. In preparation for a sermon, I wanted to investigate and categorize the different ways that the word is used. In doing so, I learned that Mark wanted to characterize a Jesus who was …

Bible Verses about

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I was cleaning out some post-it notes today, and found some notes I had made way back in August 21 while I was prototyping a paper version of The notes were a handful of verses that I was using to decide whether I should make it a private …

Past Futures and the Second Coming

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philosophy second coming

Last evening, I was at an event where a Pastor asked, "What would we do differently in our churches if in 10 years, this would all be over and Jesus would come back?"

It made me think of 2 Peter 3:4, where people argue fallaciously that (a) Jesus hasn't …

Why We Sleep

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sleep apologetics

Several years ago, a friend of mine recommended Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep. My friend pointed out a very curious set of paragraphs in the first chapter that I want to quote below:

Astonishingly, but until very recently, this was reality: doctors and scientists could not give you a consistent …

Receiving Tithes and Offerings Post-Covid

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tithes finance worship

I've always had a funny feeling about the way that we collect tithes and offerings at church. What happens in most churches (of all denominations that I've attended), is that there is a part of the service where the elder or the pastor gets up and has a short appeal …

Jesus is a Defense Attorney, Not a Prosecuting Attorney

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I was listening to Steps to Christ yesterday, and these two paragraphs got me thinking:

Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice, one who is a severe judge, a harsh, exacting creditor. He pictured the Creator as a being who is …

Is Being Planted on the Rock Always a Good Thing?

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Matthew 7:24-27 tells the story of the wise man that built his house on a rock, and the foolish man that built his house on the sand. The upshot is that the foolish man had no foundation, so when the rains came down, his house was washed away. The …

Judges 19 to 21 — Redemption

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In Judges 19, we are introduced to three characters:

  1. A Levite who dwells in the mountains of Ephraim
  2. Benjamite men from the city of Gibeah
  3. A woman from Bethlehem in the tribe of Judah

After reading Judges 19 through 21, one might conclude that God hates women, and that God …

Judges 19 to 21 — Prophetic Interpretation

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One of the amazing things that I have found about the Bible is that it a thematically consistent book. It has over 40 authors on three continents spanning 15 centuries that all have the same message. In this post, we will examine how Judges 19 foretells the story of Jesus …

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