Judges 19 to 21 — Introduction

Judges 19-21 is a weird passage. I've read through it before in some Bible study groups in the past, and each time I've gone through it, I've thought to myself, "what in the world is this story doing in the Bible. What morals am I supposed to glean from this passage."

A few weeks ago, my dad asked me if I had ever heard a sermon preached on this passage. I said no, but I suggested that the story might have some lessons on how not to do conflict resolution. About a week later, my pastor called me and asked me what topic I wanted to preach about on February 6, and I said that I had been studying Judges chapters 19-21.

Since then, I've found several things. First of all, many of the characters in Judges 19-21 seem to have a reprise in 1 Samuel. Second, there seem to be some similarities between Judges 19-21 and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. There may be other commonalities that I'll uncover as I write these articles, so I will probably split up these blog posts into multiple days.

As always, I encourage your feedback (either through commenting here, or reaching out to me on my contact page) if you think that I'm way off the mark, if you have any other questions, etc... Your feedback makes this website better.