Ellen White Superlatives

My dad and I have a personal project of compiling a list of "Ellen White Superlatives" and checking to see for conflicts. For the case of this list, we're considering superlatives to be anytime she writes something like:

  • Our greatest need is ...
  • Satan fears nothing more than ...

In contrast, there are many texts that at-first appear to be superlatives, but are actually absolutes. These would be like

  • Nothing can be done until ...
  • All things are ...
  • This is the only thing ...

While these are also things we are interested in looking at, we're primarily focusing on superlatives in this article. I'll keep a list of interesting absolutes at the bottom of this article, but will by no means try to create a comprehensive list of absolutes.

So far, I have not found any duplicates, but the list is far from comprehensive.

Family Life

Next to God, the mother's power for good is the strongest known on earth.
Adventist Home p. 240

Novel and storybook reading are the greatest evils in which youth can indulge.
Testimonies for the Church vol. 3 p. 151


The truths of the divine word can be best appreciated by an intellectual Christian. Christ can be best glorified by those who serve Him intelligently. The great object of education is to enable us to use the powers which God has given us in such a manner as will best represent the religion of the Bible and promote the glory of God.
Fundamentals of Christian Education p. 45

There is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of the Scriptures. No other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts, to give vigor to the faculties, as the broad, ennobling truths of the Bible. If God's word were studied as it should be, men would have a breadth of mind, a nobility of character, and a stability of purpose rarely seen in these times. Steps to Christ, p. 90


Can we not understand that the most costly thing in the world is sin?
Faith and Works p. 17

The Holy Spirit puts forth its highest energies to work in mind and heart. The Ministry of Healing p. 159

The warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought.
Steps to Christ p. 43

The battle which we have to fight—the greatest battle that was ever fought by man—is the surrender of self to the will of God, the yielding of the heart to the sovereignty of love.
Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing p. 141

Man is doing the greatest injury and injustice to his own soul when he thinks and acts contrary to the will of God.
Steps to Christ p. 46

There is not a point that needs to be dwelt upon more earnestly, repeated more frequently, or established more firmly in the minds of all than the impossibility of fallen man meriting anything by his own best good works. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
Faith and Works p. 18

The attributes which God prizes most are charity and purity. These attributes should be cherished by every Christian . 5T 85 (1882)

A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To seek this should be our first work.
Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 121


Nothing tends more to promote health of body and of soul than does a spirit of gratitude and praise.
The Ministry of Healing p. 251

One of the surest hindrances to the recovery of the sick is the centering of attention upon themselves.
The Ministry of Healing p. 256

The consciousness of right-doing is the best medicine for diseased bodies and minds.
The Health Reformer, March 1, 1872

Gratitude, rejoicing, benevolence, trust in God's love and care—these are health's greatest safeguard The Ministry of Healing 281

On the other hand, a pure, healthy life is most favorable for the perfection of Christian character and for the development of the powers of mind and body.
The Review and Herald, December 1, 1896

Those who serve God in sincerity and truth will be a peculiar people, unlike the world, separate from the world. Their food will be prepared, not to encourage gluttony or gratify a perverted taste, but to secure to themselves the greatest physical strength, and consequently the best mental conditions. The Review and Herald,July 29, 1844


Forgetting that strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service, they began to think that they had no work so important as that of shielding the church in Jerusalem from the attacks of the enemy.
The Acts of the Apostles, p. 105

The theme of greatest importance is the third angel's message, embracing the messages of the first and second angels.
Manuscript Releases vol. 12 p.212

The strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and loveable Christian
The Ministry of Healing p. 470

The highest commendation we can receive as Christian workers is to say that we present Christ lifted up on the cross as the object of supreme desire; and how can we do this better than by making religion attractive? Let us show that to us the worship of God is not drudgery and dry form, but spirit and life. The Signs of the Times, December 4, 1884


A good character is more precious than worldly possessions, and the work of forming it is the noblest in which men can engage.
Testimonies for the Church, vol 4, p. 657

Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings; and never before was its diligent study so important as now Education, p. 225

He [God] is a lover of the beautiful, and above all that is outwardly attractive He loves beauty of character; He would have us cultivate purity and simplicity, the quiet graces of the flowers. Steps to Christ, p. 85

The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. Education, p. 57

There is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self-sufficiency. Of all sins it is the most hopeless, the most incurable.
Christ's Object Lessons


The secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort. Those who achieve the greatest results are those who rely most implicitly upon the Almighty Arm. The man who commanded, “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon,” is the man who for hours lay prostrate upon the earth in prayer in the camp of Gilgal. The men of prayer are the men of power.
Patriarchs and Prophets, p509.1


The poet and the naturalist have many things to say about nature, but it is the Christian who enjoys the beauty of the earth with the highest appreciation, because he recognizes his Father's handiwork and perceives His love in flower and shrub and tree. No one can fully appreciate the significance of hill and vale, river and sea, who does not look upon them as an expression of God's love to man. Steps to Christ, p. 87

The angels love to bow before God; they love to be near Him. They regard communion with God as their highest joy; and yet the children of earth, who need so much the help that God only can give, seem satisfied to walk without the light of His Spirit, the companionship of His presence. Steps to Christ, p. 94