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Compact Allan-deviation Code

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This is a quick little code snippet that claculates the Allan deviation of the input data.

import numpy as np
def oadev(data, rate, numpoints=30):
    x = np.cumsum(data)
    ms = np.unique(np.logspace(0, np.log10(len(data) / 10), numpoints).astype(int))
    oavars = [((x[2*m:] - 2*x …

How to denoise a 1-D signal with a Kalman Filter with Python

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I frequently need to denoise a signal that is the sum of a noise and drift process. I'm going to provide a quick little Python tutorial (with some code you can copy-paste) that you can use to denoise noise and drift in your experiments.

Let's suppose we have some measurement …

Directness in Mark

Posted in Bible Study

When Mark wrote his gospel, he used the Greek words "ευθεως" (directly) and "ευθυς" (direct) very frequently. In preparation for a sermon, I wanted to investigate and categorize the different ways that the word is used. In doing so, I learned that Mark wanted to characterize a Jesus who was …

Bible Verses about

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I was cleaning out some post-it notes today, and found some notes I had made way back in August 21 while I was prototyping a paper version of The notes were a handful of verses that I was using to decide whether I should make it a private …

123gtd is online

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Not much to share, but after a bit of wrangling with Amazon's Serverless Applicaiton Model settings, I finally have been able to push a version 0 of 123gtd to with an API at It's not to look at yet, but I've got …

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I've been thinking about building a social productivity app for years. Well, I'm starting it today. I don't have much to share ... yet... except that I've registered the domain name and put $12 of skin into the game. I'll be building it up at over the next few …

Past Futures and the Second Coming

Posted in Bible Study
philosophy second coming

Last evening, I was at an event where a Pastor asked, "What would we do differently in our churches if in 10 years, this would all be over and Jesus would come back?"

It made me think of 2 Peter 3:4, where people argue fallaciously that (a) Jesus hasn't …


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Two of my New Years resolutions were to journal every day, and ever tell someone that I'm too busy.

For a while, I've known that I haven't been the best steward of my time. I often find myself working when I should be spending time with my family, and vice …

Why We Sleep

Posted in Bible Study
sleep apologetics

Several years ago, a friend of mine recommended Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep. My friend pointed out a very curious set of paragraphs in the first chapter that I want to quote below:

Astonishingly, but until very recently, this was reality: doctors and scientists could not give you a consistent …

Fill Up On Friday

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