'Twas the Night Before Stanford

‘Twas the night before Stanford I did hardly believe
The events that transpired that led to that eve.

My laptop was nestled quite snug in my pack
Contented to live near the birthplace of Mac

When all of a sudden there arose a vibration
I unlocked my phone for the notification

‘Twas naught but an email received from enrollment
Reminding myself of the fall quarter’s advent

The wheels were spinning around in my head
Assessing the unknowns that lied just ahead

I brewed up a warm drink and altered my thinking
To ponder some lessons from Christian upbringing

I quietly reflected while sipping the tea
Of God’s great goodwill towards students like me

There ne’er was a time when I faced school alone
The author of nature made mysteries known

That same God who helped me through five years before
Will help me through Stanford and then evermore

While tests and exams will not perish ‘til judgment
God’s grace is abundant in daily installment

When classes get heavy, He will help me remember
He hardwired Sabbaths between here and December ;)