Our First Silicon Valley Apartment

Rent in San Francisco Bay Area is expensive.

I recently heard a story of a person who upon leaving Silicon Valley decided to look for a place he could rent for the same amount he paid for his apartment here in the bay. He could not find a house big enough or nice enough that would charge the same amount he paid here. It’s incredible.

So when Mateja and I in May saw that we could rent a bedroom 3 miles away from Stanford for just under two grand for the month, we jumped on it. Compared to all the other prices we saw in the area, this was a steal!

We spent one month living in our tiny little house, nestled quietly in a small neighborhood adjacent to the train station and the secret Google self-driving car facility (we saw over half a dozen per day on a slow day, and frequently more). We shared the house with 6 Stanford Alumni, which was a cool experience, as it definitely taught us that Stanford students are real people too, and not the machines that we think graduates of top-schools are.

Just as we were getting to know the area, the train schedules, and the closest boba tea shop, we got up and moved. The apartment was just a 1-month stay before we could move into our apartment at Stanford. We were really quite blessed to have found this apartment, and be able to share a house with friendly folk our age who could spot us some cooking ware while we were still waiting to move into our permanent abode for the year.

I’m so grateful that God worked things out, and that even though rent is ridiculous here, God is watching over our situation.